Rematch Won By Accident

Spokesman-Review – January 29, 1936

“Brother Jonathan” Heaton, 235, Salt Lake City, defeated Paul Boesch, 215, Brooklyn, N.Y., for the second time in their return wrestling match last night before a medium sized crowd in the Masonic Temple arena. Heaton took the first fall in the second round with a series of body slams and headlocks.

Boesch evened up the count in the fourth round with a series of flying kicks and butts, and was trying to kick Heaton to the mat again in the fifth. Boesch missed Heaton and knocked himself to the floor, and Heaton piled on him for the third and deciding fall. The crowd, much disgruntled, filed silently from the hall.

The pair went at it hammer and tongs from the opening bell. Heaton, who caused a small riot several weeks ago by apparently choking Boesch out of the match, started the same tactics again, but his time referee Louis Taylor broke Heaton’s grip before he could cause much damage. Boesch took the apparent punishment in fine style for one round, and then grabbed Heaton by his flowing beard, rushed him round the ring and then tossed him through the ropes.

In the semi-final event Casey Kazanjian, 216, former Stanford star, applied armlock after armlock to Dale Raines, 210, Venice, Cal., to finally take the only fall of the match in the fifth and last round.

The match had not been under way more than a minute or two in the first round before the string of Raines’ wrestling tights broke, and time was called. Raines called for a hairpin and a woman in the audience supplied it. Raines and Taylor then collaborated to thread a new string through the tights and the match was resumed. This match consisted either of Raines securing a leg bar on Kazanjian or else Kazanjian securing an armlock on Raines.

In the opening event Stanley Bishop, 190, former W.S.C. athlete, took a pair of peculiar falls from Wellington Martindale, 196, Minnesota. Neither time that Bishop was awarded a fall did Martindale’s shoulders appear to be on the mat. Of course, the referee was closer than the ringside fans.

Herb Sutherland was the official timer and Joe Albi the announcer.


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