Mrs. Terry Gets Tidy Sum In Show

Tacoma News Tribune – February 6, 1934
By Nelson R. Hong

Numerous rackets perpetrated in the name of charity have made many persons skeptical of benefit shows.

Because of the black spots of the past, it is a pleasure to report that the benefit wrestling show for Mrs. Rudger Terry, widow of the Tacoma mat referee, was a real benefit in every sense.

Not one cent of unnecessary expense was incurred. The wrestlers received only their traveling and hotel expenses, the rent was cut down to a figure which cared for only heat, light and actual labor of putting the seats in place and other expenses were held to figures that were surprisingly low.

The referee, timekeeper, club physician, matchmaker, ushers, doormen and cashiers all donated their services. Harry Lynch, inspector of the state athletic commission, turned back his fee into the fund for Mrs. Terry and her children. The total expense of the show was approximately $150, about 6 cents for each of the 2,500 fans present. Of this amount, more than $30 had to be paid to the state as a tax.

The total net proceeds, including $156.77 received in a free-will collection, were $603.45. This amount probably will be increased by a few dollars from persons who said that they were unable to attend the show but wished to aid Mrs. Terry and her children.

As the funeral for her husband was donated by Edward B. King of the Buckley-King Company, the entire sum will be available to care for the future.

According to present plans, the money will be deposited in a local bank and a cashier’s check for $12 sent to Mrs. Terry each week for the next year. The amount will be ample for shelter and food and will tide her over until such time as she can make other arrangements.

One cannot find too high praise for Lou Porter, Tacoma wrestling promoter, for the fine manner in which the benefit show was put over. The wrestlers who appeared on the card – Bobby Miller, Joe Reno, Les Grimes, Al Schnell, Jack Gorman and Herb Burgeson – are also to be highly complimented for their part. Not only did they donate their services, but they put on as colorful and interesting a show as has been seen in Tacoma for a long time. Arthur E. Grafton Sr., member of the state athletic commission, also is deserving of praise for his part in making the benefit something that will be long remembered. Fifty other wrestlers, many of whom have never appeared in Tacoma, deserve thanks for their unselfish attitude in volunteering their services without cost. Tacoma firemen, who aided in taking up the collection, helped put over the benefit.

The wrestling fans of Tacoma responded in wonderful fashion, not only in their turnout for the show, but in the supplementary collection which was taken during the program. When Mayor M.G. Tennent stepped into the ring to suggest the collection, there was a roar of approval which left no doubt as to the attitude of the crowd.

Anyone who had any part in the show last night, as a spectator, wrestler, official or employee, may well be proud of it in every respect.


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