Indian Wrestler Does Tricks

Associated Press – January 22, 1936

SAN DIEGO, Cal. – A dental plate missing from his mouth and his nose smashed in, Chief Chewaki, 237-pound Oklahoma City Indian wrestler, today appeared before Thomas Whelan, district attorney, and joked his way out of charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Out of a riot Tuesday night, precipitated by what fans described as “brutality” administered by Chief Chewaki, former Haskell football star, in his match with Gino Garibaldi, San Francisco, the chief emerged with stories of the “joke” he played on his opponent.

Rioting broke out when the chief jerked a bent clothes hanger out of his trunks, wrapped it around Garibaldi’s neck, pushed a foot against his head, and pulled the wire tight.

“I had a hard time thinking up that joke,” the Indian told Whelan. “I do these things so that the fans will get their money’s worth.”

After the “joke” had been described by the Indian in Whelan’s office, the wrestler was sent to the police station for questioning. He later was released.

“You need to think up these jokes to please the crowds,” the chief said. “I was having a hard time thinking up something to do last night. At the last minute I spotted the clothes hanger and decided to use it.”

Before the chief finished describing his tricks even Garibaldi joined in with a laugh and told Whelan he did not want the Indian prosecuted.


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