Action On Tolson Waits Findings Of Inquest

Tacoma News Tribune – February 1, 1934

Cliff Tolson, state patrolman, was under suspension from duty while an inquest was being held in the courthouse Thursday on the death of Rudger Terry, 28, Tacoma wrestler, killed early Tuesday by a bullet from Tolson’s gun while he was trying to stop a speeding car in which Terry was a passenger.

William Cole, chief of the state patrol, said that Tolson had been indefinitely suspended pending further investigation of the tragedy. He declined to comment further, but the inquest verdict probably will be the climax of the investigation. He intimated that Tolson may be restored to duty if the investigation absolves him of blame.

Following the fatal shooting, Bertil E. Johnson, Pierce County prosecutor, and deputies, took depositions from witnesses including the three occupants of the card in which Terry was riding when he was shot. These included Jack Bailey of Tacoma, driver, who admitted that he heard the pursuing officer’s siren and was trying to outdistance him. Other passengers were Mrs. Terry and Louise Hirschbloz.


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