Wanted: Bonebenders Of Russian Persuasion

Oregon Sunday Journal – January 7, 1940
By Harry Leeding

Page Rasputin, boy, or any good bone bender, of Russian extraction.

They’ve booked a charity wrestling card for next Wednesday night at the Auditorium, with proceeds to go to the Finnish relief fund, and all they need to make it a howling success, from standpoint of attractiveness, is Finn vs. Russian in an extra special exhibition.

Headed by Tommy Luke and Frank J. Lonergan, the committee in charge is composed of a number of civic-minded citizens, all of whom probably have beleaguered Finland at heart.

Now it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a Finn willing to do battle with a Russian as long as the profit goes toward relief of his countrymen. For instance, there’s August Sepp up at Seattle. Old Mr. Sepp, when he heard about it, sent down word that he would be willing to wrestle any six Russians they could dig up for him.

And, incidentally, August probably could give any one of ’em an argument in spite of the fact that he’s rapidly nearing the 60th milestone on life’s pathway. But finding a Russian willing to donate his services for the Finnish cause is something else. Messrs. Ted Thye and Virgil Hamlin, who control heavyweight rasslin’ in this man’s town, readily admit that it borders on sacrilege and that they’ll encounter no end of difficulty in convincing some Russian that he should go to bat in such case for the sake of rasslin’ even if he doesn’t give two whoops about feeding some half-starfved Finn.

Then, too, word of his treasonable act might reach Josef Stalin.


There was agitation in promotional circles last week to gain permission for gal grappling, but that’s out by edict of the Portland municipal boxing commission, according to Chairman Dr. Paul E. Dutton.

An effort by the “trust” to introduce female bone crushing a little over a year ago, when “Steve” McPherson and “Must” Musgrave were promoting on leased licenses, failed. Strenuous objection came from the city council, with Commissioner Bennett “giving them their greatest growl.”

Word went around that Mayor Carson might not object if there were sufficient public demand for the variety, but “Jake” held fast to his conviction that it would be bad business, and threatened to move the grapplers out of their city auditorium spot if they attempted to get it over.

But the issue won’t get as far as the council now that the boxing fathers have said “No go!”

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