No Doubting The Fact That Masked Marvel Is Henderson

Brooklyn Daily Eagle – December 27, 1915

Sensational Wonder of the International Wrestling Tournament is an American Mat Artist, Who Was Born in Rochester of Scotch Parents–Has Been Staying at the Hotel Victoria, in Manhattan–Once Trailed to the Crescent A. C. and Lost.

Possibly you may remember that on Dec. 16 THE EAGLE made the statement that the Masked Marvel, who has been the life-saver of the International wrestling show at the Manhattan Opera House, is Mort Henderson, a Pennsylvania grappler.

Notwithstanding the statements that have been made by Ed Pollard, Henderson’s manager, and by others connected with the tournament, you can lay your last dollar that the Marvel and Henderson are one and the same, and that the idea of a masked mystery came from the brain of Charlie Cutler and Jack Curley.

Of course, the hero of “THAT FRENCHMAN,” the novel written by Archibald Clavering Gunter, 25 or more years ago, was the real inspiration of the recent mystery. Since the days of “THAT FRENCHMAN” the trick has been worked many times: in fact, there is a story going the rounds that Mark A. Luescher is responsible for the Marvel.

You may remember that Luescher dressed La Belle Dazle up in a red domino and sent her dancing around the country. According to the tale, Luescher suggested a masked man to Ben Atwood, press agent for the wrestling show, and Cutler and Curley supplied the goods.

There is no doubting the fact that the Masked Mystery has been of the greatest help to the tournament. His secret has been well kept. When he has left the opera house, great care has been taken to see he has not been followed. An enterprising Manhattan sporting editor had the Marvel followed the other night and the trail led to the Crescent Athletic Club. The Marvel got out of a taxicab at the Clinton Street entrance of the club, an entrance that is used by employees. Undoubtedly he left by the main entrance. However it was then impossible to pick up the trail. Recently, the Marvel has been making his getaway on a motorcycle. It is said he has been stopping at the Hotel Victoria in Manhattan.

Possibly you would like to know something more about Mort Henderson. He is a American, born in Rochester, of Scotch parents. At sometime in his life he has been a fireman, brakeman, policeman, pugilist and most everything that requires strength. Also he is one of the best greatest mat artists that has struck little old Manhattan in many a day.

Even if the mystery of the Marvel has been solved, there is no getting away from the fact that he is a mighty good wrestler and one that will come very near winning the principal prize in the big tournament. Tonight he will meet Aberg in a finish match. It should be one of the greatest bouts seen in Manhattan in years.


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