Cox Wins In Kruse Match

Tacoma News Tribune – January 23, 1934

Tacoma wrestling fans who watched Ted Cox, heavyweight grappler from Lodi, Cal., hand Bob Kruse a lesson in orthodox grappling last night, forgot all about the “King Kong” appellation they have added to his name. Cox took two out of three falls and the decision from the Oswego cabbage-grower in the main event of the mat card at the Greenwich Coliseum.

The Cox victory was scored with a pair of punishing hammerlock holds in the fourth and fifth rounds, Kruse being forced to concede the falls on each occasion. Kruse had previously won a fall in the second round by means of a toe and a body press, applied after Cox had been subjected to a barrage of blows from the Kruse fist and elbows. All unorthodox tactics had been barred in an agreement prior to the match, but the Oregon grappler resorted to the unethical work which he’d previously objected to.

“Bunny” Martin, middleweight from Tulsa, Okla., and Joe Reno, Italian 169-pounder, went to a fast five-round draw in the semi-final, each taking a fall. Reno applied a Boston crab hold in the second round and forced Martin to concede the fall, while Martin used a body bow hold in the third to square the stand.

Both Leo Jensen, Canadian middleweight, and Jimmy Reynolds of Chicago, captured a fall in the three-round opener, but neither could pin the other for the second time, and the bout resulted in a draw.

Nearly 3,000 fans were on hand for the show, despite inclement weather.

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