What’s Happened To The Rasslers?

Seattle Post-Intelligencer – February 23, 1939
By Royal Brougham

Don’t look now, but have you noticed what has happened to the rassling gentry in our municipality?

The jolly pastime, which Musty Musgrave and his play fellows ballyhooed into the headlines only a few short years ago, has sunk so low that last week the grunters were doing their agonizing act in the basement of the Civic Auditorium.

This is no gloating hymn of a crusader, but several years ago this column tilted the cover off the garbage can and disclosed what was inside the wrestling business. Now, your old observer enjoys a laugh as well as the next fellow, and we didn’t start bellyaching about the amusing antics of the vaudevillians until Maestro Musgrave brought in Gus Sonnenberg and Ed Lewis for a “title” match, and packed the Civic Field with something like a $16,110 gate.

Sixteen thousand is a lot of peas and potatoes, and the janitors had to sprinkle chloride of lime about the premises when the mess was over. The very next night the same pair staged another “championship” affair in San Francisco.

It was here that your neighbor began tossing jibes at what had blossomed into a Grade A racket with important money involved.

To make it short, the jovial Musty Musgrave suddenly left town the other day, seeking greener pastures, not to mention suckers. And last week the groaners and the grunters played to a gate of $260.96 in the basement of the Civic Auditorium!

What was it Abe Lincoln said about fooling all of the people all of the time?


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