Miller Poses No Problem To Kowalski

Montreal Gazette – December 29, 1955

It’s two down and the rest of the field to go for giant Wladek Kowalski today. Last night, the big fella took the measure of Big Bill Miller in another bruising encounter that had the holiday crowd yipping throughout the three falls.

Things didn’t look too cushy in the first fall when Miller knocked off Wladek with a backbreaker, but it was back in business again for the wrestling Pole when he took the second fall with a series of knee drops and the clincher with his Boston crab hold.

Last night’s show also featured the midgets and virtue triumphed in this one as Little Beaver teamed with Cowboy Bradley to beat Ivan the Terrible and Otto Bowman. Larry Moquin and Paul Baillargeon joined to defeat Bull Curry and Jim Bernard in the regular team match.

Johnny Rougeau and Maurice Vachon had to be satisfied with a no-contest, while Eddie Auger and Ovila Asselin battled to a draw in the opener.

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