Londos Meets Baxter

San Francisco Chronicle – December 13, 1938

Boxcar Jeemy Londos, triple threat of the mat, returns to his old hangout at Dreamland Auditorium tonight to take the wild out of Wildman LaVerne Baxter in a two-hour, three-falls struggle for the world’s grapple belt.

Jeemy, who has mangled bodies from North America to the North Pole, has been holder of the world’s title three times, running over one opponent, passing over the other and kicking his way to victory over Bronko Nagurski recently in Philadelphia to complete his triple conquest.

The new throne holder will meet a guy that will make him look like a Singer midget. Baxter tips the Toledos at 265 pounds and is fresh from an elbow smashing victory over handsome Vic Christy. Baxter, like all the rest, will probably fall in sections when the clever Londos starts to work.

Chief Thunderbird, head feathers and all, gets a call to grapple a bona fide toughie in Dr. Freddie Meyers, the Chicago tooth terror. The Chief, a Saanich Indian, is unbeaten in local rings and gets a taste of his toughest opponent in the ex-fang physician.

Another undefeated mauler, clever and popular Otto Kuss, who doesn’t look unlike Max Baer, the curly-headed ring Adonis, draws Benny Ginsberg, a Jewish “villain” from New York.

Other matches on promoter Joe Malcewicz’s show bring together Ted Key and Pat O’Shocker, Stan Myslack and Art Shires, Pierre Dusette and Bronco Valdez.

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