Grapplers Mix With Fans, Riot Ends Pro Card

Moline Daily Dispatch – December 19, 1960

The Quad-Cities’ first wrestling show in two years ended in a riot Saturday night.

With all four wrestlers from the feature tag-team match going at it with the customers in the aisles at Wharton Field House, the Illinois State Athletic Commission disqualified everybody in sight and declared the match no contest.

The melee started during the tag-team match between Boris and Nicoli Volkoff and Don Curtis and Mark Lewin. One of the Russians, apparently caught up in the current missile craze, tried to put Lewin into orbit.

The first stage fired okay but the second stage failed to ignite and Lewin plummeted to earth right in the middle of the fourth row.

A group of pacifists in the crowd decided to punish the Russians for inhuman treatment after that, but when a man went after one of the Russians with a chair, the gendarmes stepped in.

The chair-wielder was run off the premises and various other agitators were quieted but the fight was declared no contest.

About 1,500 fans turned out for the wrestling show.

A top card featuring Buddy “Nature Boy” Rogers will be presented at the field house on Thursday, December 29.


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