Expect Big Crowd Tonight

Moline Daily Dispatch – January 20, 1950

With the largest crowd ever to witness a wrestling show in the Quad Cities expected to be on hand, big-time grappling of the type that has taken the television world by storm will make its debut at Wharton Fieldhouse tonight.

The mat program, which is being sponsored by the Quad City Blackhawks, will furnish a possible 2 hours of action, starting at 8 p.m.

The main event will have Gorgeous George as one of its principals. The $100,000 beauty, whose blondined permanents, dainty costumes, perfumery and disinfectant-squirting butler have made him one of the top drawing cards in wrestling and television circles, will meet George Temple of Hollywood, Calif., in the final bout of the night.

The battle is somewhat of a natural, as the two have been rivals for some time for attentions of West Coast grappling fans. Temple, brother of Shirley, the movie actress, also bears a famous name and has been winning a full share of approval in the grappling world.

Both are fast and furious mixers and will be well matched in size, as both will enter the ring in the neighborhood of 210 pounds.

For action, it is highly possible that the semi-windup might steal the show. That bout, scheduled for the same distance as the feature bout, brings together two of the leading candidates for the world’s junior heavyweight title, a target for grapplers who weigh under 200 pounds.

Billy Goelz formerly held that bauble, but lost it recently to LeRoy McGuirk of Tulsa, Okla. Billy Parks is the Canadian champion at that weight and aims at the world’s crown. Both are fast, smooth grapplers who are active in the biggest sports arenas.

And on the strictly brutal side, the attraction is the opener, which will bring into action Rudy Kay, the rowdy Chicagoan who is known as one of the foremost villains of the grappling game.

Kay, whose past performances have been against such opposition as Jim Londos, Gorgeous George and other topnotchers, will take on a real handful in Howard Cantonwine of Los Angeles. Cantonwine, at 235 pounds, is about the same weight as the mauling Kay and he is a cagy veteran of several years in the best grappling circles.

In order to accommodate the prospective audience, the ticket office at the fieldhouse was scheduled to open at 5 this evening.

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