Elviry Wins Her Contest

St. Joseph News-Press – January 30, 1943

Elviry Snodgrass last night got the vindication she has been seeking since she was eliminated in the women’s wrestling tournament when she defeated Mae Young in the featured bout of the weekly Eagles Lodge show at the Auditorium.

In one of the roughest matches ever put on by women in St. Joseph, the Tennessee scuffler bested Mae Young in three rugged falls. Forgetting all they ever knew about scientific wrestling, the girls had at it for nine minutes before Young got the first fall with a series of headlocks. Elviry had a leg tangled in the rope at the time but the fall stood up anyway.

It took Mrs. Snodgrass just short of five minutes to even the contest. She was on the offensive throughout the session and the blonde Young left the ring pretty much the worse for the wear.

The final fall came after seven minutes of the wildest action of the night. Young went all out to add biting to her other Texas rules techniques and was twice knocked out of the ring for her trouble before the climax.

Everett Kibbons defeated Cowboy Luttrall in the semi-final event, while Ras Samara and Babe Zaharias went to a draw in the special. Bad Boy Brown won over Jack Dillon in the opener.

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