Riot Averted As Savoldi Pins Terror

Washington Post – November 25, 1938
By Lewis F. Atchison

Ham, rather than the customary gobbler, was the holiday offering at Turner’s Arena last night when a 305-pound specimen, the Golden Terror, succumbed to a series of punishing dropkicks authored by swarthy Joe Savoldi.

A riot of major proportions was narrowly averted at the finish – 20 minutes after the start, when the Terror’s man Friday – also wearing a disguise, leaped into the ring and attacked Savoldi. That was the signal for a concerted drive of fans on the ring, and in less time than it takes to write the mat was filled with wildly swinging men.

Hank Metheny, Jules Strongbow, preliminary wrestlers, and Bill Lewis, Richmond promoter, jumped in and each grabbed a man. Walter Gray, the bald gent who leaped to the enclosure’s edge and swung vigorously on the Terror, was knocked prone and semiconscious by a vicious swipe of the Terror’s paw, and other combatants gave way to a police detail. The gendarmes prevented more serious rioting and escorted the Terror to his robing quarters.

Savoldi, pacified to some extent after his erstwhile opponent was led away, suddenly worked himself into another rage upon leaving the scene, and at last reports was headed for the dressing room to take matters in his own hands.

The Terror had exercised all the foul tactics at his command, strangling Savoldi, bouncing him ribwise on the ropes, and hurling him bodily from the ring before the former Notre Dame football star sent his 300-pound frame tumbling to the canvas with a well-directed flying tackle. The Terror came up a bit wobbly and went crashing back to the mat when Savoldi planted a dropkick on his third chin. He stayed down for good when Joe added his second point-after-touchdown.

It was while the referee was counting off the three count over the pair that the Terror’s aide-de-camp leaped into the ring and ignited the fireworks.

Mae Meyer of Minneapolis surprised by pinning Dolly Dalton, of Atlanta, in 11 minutes with a body slam in the ladies match.

Man Mountain Dean, making his first appearance here, pinned Hank Metheny in 8 – minutes with a backdrop, and Frank Brown and Pete Peterson struggled 30 minutes to a draw. Chief Chewacki also had earned a draw with Jules Strongbow, until he insisted on patting referee Cyclone Burns on the chin a bit too enthusiastically – which caused Burns to award Strongbow the decision.

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