Meske Wins Mat Event Over Dusek

Washington Post – October 28, 1938
By Lewis F. Atchison

Ernie Dusek, the gentleman with the inflated biceps, got a toe caught in Ed Meske’s ribs last night in the feature match at the Arena, and forthwith was disqualified. Referee Cyclone Burns, the man with the perfect “figger,” declared Meske the victor after 34 minutes of strenuous calesthenics.

An audience of some 1,000 fans howled with unrestrained glee as Burns pulled the puffing Dusek off Meske’s prostrate form, hoisted the latter to his feet and raised his arm ceilingward. They yelled louder when Ernie jumped around him like a 5-year-old on a pogo stick in disgust, claiming he was robbed. Meske evoked more cheers from his supporters by dramatically throwing down his dressing gown and offering to throw Dusek and make the result official.

The result automatically qualified Meske for a shot at handsome Yvon Robert, the Canadian who walloped Bibber McCoy with a haymaker to win the semifinal. It took the raven-haired former champion 18 minutes to achieve the desired result, and there was pell to may when McCoy struggled to his flat feet demanding a recount. But Burns waved him away, refusing to reverse his original decision.

Dusek, getting back to the feature, had booted Meske several times before the finishing punt. He poked fingers in Ed’s bewildered eyes, cracked him with rabbit punches, and twisted his fingers in decidedly unorthodox fashion. He also succeeded in arousing the bald gentry in the second row, who arose en masse and threatened to annihilate him – until Ernie threatened to come down out of the ring.

McCoy, however, was the most successful crowd-baiter of the evening, driving a lady to cover when her biting remarks penetrated too deeply in his hide. The men got pretty mad about that, and asked Walter Gray to do something about it. Walter was just peeling off his coat when McCoy slapped him down with an elbow, and the fuss ended then and there.

Ed Newman wrestled to a 30-minute draw with Tony Colesano.

Steve Budnas threw Reb Russell in 16 – minutes with a kangaroo kick.

Chris Zaharias threw Chick Garibaldi in 21 minutes with a crotch hold and body slam.


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