Mat Feature To Savoldi; Terror Wins

Washington Post – November 4, 1938
By Lewis F. Atchison

Fists and dressing room furniture were thrown in wild abandon last night at Turner’s Arena as Joe Savoldi, victor by disqualification in the regularly scheduled feature, and Chief Little Wolf, the loser, staged a fierce, impromptu battle behind closed doors.

For fully five minutes they wrestled, fought and pummelled one another over the sleazy dressing room floor before Joe Turner thrust himself between the pair. Turner almost lost an arm when it collided with a chair wielded by Little Wolf, but managed to pacify the belligerent factions before either could inflict serious damage on the other.

Savoldi, who earned a shot at Bronko Nagurski next week by his victory, won by disqualification, but, thoroughly incensed at this undramatic finish, put the Indian down for a body press for good measure. Referee Benny Bortnick tolled off the count and gave Joe his winning pats on the back from beyond the protective pale of the ropes.

Bortnick, to clarify the situation, had hastily removed his perspiring person from the ring after raising Savoldi’s arm in token of victory. He declared Joe the winner after Wolf slammed Bortnick to the canvas with a Thor-hammer and dug a vicious toe into his ribs as he bounced a second time. Benny decided that it not only wasn’t healthy, but decidedly not cricket.

A stifling gag-hold the Indian clamped on Savoldi’s bulging neck a moment before was the immediate cause of the fracas. Little Wolf, who apparently had Savoldi in distress throughout the 30 minutes of the match with a series of arm locks, suddenly shifted to the windpipe after Joe threatened to “punch his face in.” Bortnick broke several holds and repeatedly warned him to desist, but the Indian didn’t hear English very well, and, when Benny warned him the last time, he swatted the arbiter with a right hook that toppled him to the canvas. The kick in the ribs and disqualification followed.

In the dressing room, which was barred during the row, Savoldi later said he didn’t want the match by disqualification, but wanted to prove his superiority in the ring. He felled Little Wolf three times with flying tackles before pinning him, and offered to repeat if the Redskin was willing.

The Golden Terror tossed Tom Mahoney in 15 – minutes in one of the best bouts of the evening, Mahoney nearly unmasking the Terror with a wild grab.

Casey Berger bested Walter Percy in 18 minutes with a back drop, while Hank Metheny and Sam Menacher drew in 30 minutes. The bearded Cardiff Giant required only 5 – minutes to win from Joe Pazandak with a body press.


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