Ed Meske Wins From Garibaldi

Washington Post – November 11, 1938

Ed Meske, tall, blond and bruising mat star, pulled one of the season’s biggest surprises last night at Turner’s Arena where he pinned Gino Garibaldi in 36 – minutes to win the feature match.

The audience gasped at the sudden and wholly unexpected finish that found Garibaldi, a top-heavy favorite, limp and prostrate after a brisk exchange of elbows in the final 3 – minutes of the match. Until Meske picked up Garibaldi and dumped him on the floor the Italian looked like a certain winner.

Meske employed a brand new neck lock, the pretzel hold, to wear down Gino for the finish. Three times he clamped it on Gino’s bulging neck before the latter struck back with his fists. Meske fought back until both were groggy and was staring defeat squarely in the face when Gino started to lift him over his head for a finishing body slam.

Garibaldi, however, hadn’t strength enough to put Meske’s 200-odd pounds up over his shoulders, and when he relaxed his grip Ed seized him and hurled him to the canvas. He merely had to fall on him to get the decision. Garibaldi, upon being revived, slugged Meske a couple of times and tore off referee Benny Bortnick’s shirt when the latter intervened, but was finally quieted and led to the dressing room.

In the semifinal Abe Coleman drew with Chris Zaharias after 30 minutes of comic and semi-serious struggling. It was the most popular match on the program. Zaharias almost disrobed at one stage of the proceedings while trying to raise Abe over his head.

In the remaining preliminaries Jack League threw Tony Colesano in 19 – minutes; Tommy Rae defeated George Kondylis in 18 – minutes, and Bibber McCoy slapped down Ed Newman in 15 – minutes.


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