Auditorium All Set For Battle Tonight

Omaha World-Herald – July 6, 1918

Everything is ready for the resumption of the big wrestling match over at the Auditorium tonight, when Charley Peters, the Papillion carpenter, and John Pesek, the Shelton farmer, will grapple for their finish match, which was postponed on Independence day because of the heavy rain.

The match is going to be at the Municipal Auditorium, and will start no later than 9 o’clock. Everybody who bought a ticket for the clash at Rourke Park last Thursday afternoon will be given a seat free of charge on the main floor next to the ring, and the spacious gallery will be sold at the door for one buck per seat, affording the mat fans of Omaha who were unable to be on hand last Thursday a good opportunity to witness the scramble, which promises to be a hummer.

Peters and Pesek have been undergoing light training to loosen up their muscles following the impromptu shower bath they were given on the Fourth. Indications point to an overflow crowd at the Auditorium tonight.

Promoter Jack Lewis was the busiest man in Omaha yesterday attempting to find a suitable place to pull off the finish fight. Shortly after it was officially announced that the bout would be held at Rourke Park word came that the Auditorium could be utilized for the purpose, and, having had one disastrous experience with the weather, Lewis promptly snapped up the opportunity to get the wrestlers inside.

Referee Cy Sherman of Lincoln will again be on hand to handle the fight.”From what I saw of those two boys Thursday afternoon we are going to have a real hot time tonight,” declared Sherman. “Pesek was boring in for fair when I had to stop the bout because of the rain. I noticed that Peters was watching the situation carefully and perhaps was on the verge of taking the offensive himself.”

“Pesek will never pin my shoulders to the mat tonight,” declared the Papillion carpenter. “I know all about him now and I’m going to make it short and snappy, believe me.”

The doors at the Auditorium will open at 7:30 o’clock and first come will be first severed with the best gallery seats, which ordinarily draw the highest prices. In making his decision to sell these seats for one iron man Lewis was guided by the fact that many spectators lost their ticket stubs and he wanted to split the difference.


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