West Coast Sensation Imported To Wrestle

Washington Post – October 3, 1938
By Lewis F. Atchison

Feeling the urge for new interior decorations in the Arena, promoter Joe Turner last night announced the importation of one George Wilson for Thursday night’s wrestling show. Wilson is new here, coming directly from the Pacific Coast where he has been something of a sensation.

Wilson has his task cut out for him this week, as Herr Turner has made arrangements for him to meet John Katan, the rapscallion who has spread woe and consternation among the patrons of the art by his decidedly uncricket actions in the past few weeks. He lost to Yvon Robert last week, true enough, but the fans want to see a better job done on his cordially disliked carcass.

In Wilson, Turner believes he has just the man to satisfy their craving for Katan’s head. Standing 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 205 pounds. Wilson is reputedly one of the toughest hombres operating on the coast. A former football star he specializes in the flying tackle, the deadly weapon that carried Gus Sonnenberg to the top of the heap a decade ago and put a new twist in wrestling.

Wilson’s career since leaving college has been colorful and varied. He played football for the Western Wildcats in Seattle, and later for the Providence Steam Rollers when that club was in the National Pro League.

He taught school, labored as a grocery clerk, insurance salesman, and later still a lumberjack. Wrestling, in his opinion, is easier than some of those jobs, and he isn’t overlooking the Katan match when he says it, because he’s heard all about scowling Jawn, and believes he’ll reform him.

The main bout Thursday involves Ernie Dusek and Gino Garibaldi, and Turner last night signed Ed Meske and Ed Newman for another preliminary – which all but insured the evening’s success.

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