Robert Risks Title Friday Against Managoff

Houston Post – November 22, 1942

Yvon Robert, French Canadian mat master, now is the unquestioned heavyweight wrestling champion of the world. He gained a pretty staunch toehold on the title late in October when he pinned “Wild Bill” Longson twice in Montreal in a battle which Longson questioned and even got out an injunction against Robert claiming the crown. But Friday night in St. Louis, Robert again faced Longson, and this time he outroughed and beat Longson beyond any shadow of doubt, throwing Longson completely out of the ring, and defying him to return.

On that same St. Louis card, in the semifinal spot, Young Bobby Managoff demonstrated his Houston-gained acumen by pinning Joe Dusek, St. Louis’ pride, almost stealing the play away from the top bout.

Friday night at the City Auditorium, in a bout which every wrestling center in the nation would clamor to get, promoter Morris Sigel will present Young Bobby Managoff, Houston’s idol, versus Yvon Robert, for the heavyweight wrestling championship of the world.

Promoter Sigel had a representative at the St. Louis ringside this last Friday evening, and literally stole the marbles right out from under the very nose of Tom Packs, one of the nation’s top matchmakers.

Robert stipulated that, should he lose the title to Managoff, Bobby would agree to give him a return whack at it within 90 days. This Young Bobby agreed to do.

This simple request on Robert’s part may indicate that the title sits rockily on his head.

Bobby Managoff, whose rise has been one of the most rapid in mat history, is well known to Houston fans. He fought his way up here, from bottom to top.

The new champion, however, is a complete stranger to local fans. He has done most of his grappling in Canada, and like Managoff, is the sort of man who has washed up most of the opposition in his home area.

You pronounce his name as if it were spelled e-VON ro-BAIR, and from what those who have seen him say, he really is a bear. Any man who can outrough Longson definitely has something on the ball, and Friday night two such men will meet when Bobby Managoff faces Yvon Robert.

On the same card, Mildred Burke will tackle the Purple Flash. This battle in itself will be outstanding, since the masked mystery is the only feminine grappler who has ever pinned Mildred Burke in a Texas ring, or any other ring, for that matter. She turned this neat little trick in a tag match here three weeks ago. Three additional prelims will complete the card.

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