Garibaldi, Dusek Draw

Washington Post – October 7, 1938

The ancient physics problem of irresistible force vs. immovable object that has stymied scientific giants for generations finally caught up with the wrestling fans last night at Turner’s Arena where Ernie Dusek and Gino Garibaldi struggled 90 agonizing minutes to a draw.

Every hold in the book was used and their vast store of wrestling knowledge virtually exhausted when a couple of asthmatic blasts on the timekeeper’s whistle halted hostilities. Name any hold you can think of and they used it at least twice. Well, no, there were no successful body presses, but everything else.

Dusek, taking the irresistible force’s side of the argument, started off in a gale of enthusiasm to punch, pinch and pull Garibaldi into defeat. But Gino, representing the immovable object, or the defendant, refused to budge. Ernie clamped on Japanese armlocks, necklocks, Swedish bear hugs, German dropkicks, and even Bohemian busts on the schnozzle, but the irresistible force upheld its end of the case in admirable fashion.

Gino got in a few licks on the irresistible force, which amounts to a phenomena in scientific circles, threatening to pin Ernie to the carpet with a “figure 4 scissors” hold. He had Dusek all but down when Ernie reached out and grabbed a handful of rope and pulled himself to safety.

From the hour mark on it was a free-for-all on a minor scale. They kicked, butted and almost knocked themselves out twice. Dusek swung Gino around like a merry-go-round and let him skid across the rug on his nose, and Gino came back and dumped the irresistible force with flying tackles and other tricks. They wore themselves plumb out, wrestling in and out of fair territory, threatening to mix it with the excited audience, and rudely threatening to throw referee “Cyclone” Burns into the ash-can.

Ed Meske, the blond adonis, scored a spectacular victory over Ed Newman in the semifinal, using a Japanese armlock and body roll. It took him 18 – minutes to accomplish the feat.

The new talent didn’t fare so well. Chief Saunooke threw Frank Bruce in 18 – minutes with a body press, Chris Zaharias disposed of Pat Kelly in 19 – minutes with a backdrop, and John Katan tossed George Wilson in 23 – minutes with a “figure 4” leglock.

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