Jim Browning Tosses Charley Santen

Los Angeles Times – July 27, 1933
By Bill Potts

With much the same ease and motion one would use in winding an alarm clock, Jim Browning last night applied his famous turnover scissors to the well-padded grill of Charley Santen and rendered that chunky young man hors de combat in two speedy falls.

Browning took the first fall in 19m. 17s. and came backer after the five-minute rest period to capture the second in 9m. 57s. both with turnover scissors holds.

Santen started his own downfall when he introduced Browning to his famous airplane spin. Charley spun New York’s recognized heavyweight champion viciously over his head, but lost his sense of direction and wound up in a corner of the ring with Browning on top. Jim slapped him playfully a few times and then pinned his shoulders with the scissors application.

Browning made short work of the second fall. After tossing Santen halfway across the ring and into the press row, he further aggravated Charley’s midsection with his crushing legs and was declared the victor with Santen gasping and choking for breath.

Sammy Stein and George Hagen stole the show in the semi-wind-up. Hagen, who looks like Harpo Marx with a broken nose, only worse, was rendered unconscious after a series of flying tackles and a body slam in 20m. 39s.

Stein attempted to connect with a flying tackle early in the bout, but ran into Hagen’s elbow and broke off a couple of teeth. He spit chinaware all over the ring before he again tried a flying tackle. It was a vicious thrust and caught Hagen square in the middle. He climbed to his feet only to be crashed to the mat again and again until he was helpless. Stein then lifted him high over head and dropped on his prostrate rival to win the only fall. Hagen needed plenty of help to get him out of the ring.

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, bowing as majestically as ever, despite a huge paunch, endured Louie Bacigalupi’s insolence for 7m. 31s. and then dumped him hard and fast with a combination headlock and body slams.

Vic Christy downed Dale Raines and Steve Strelich drew with Tex Wright in other matches.

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