World’s Heaviest Twin Takes Wife

Spartanburg Herald – May 28, 1975

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. (AP) – Billy McGuire, a 710-pound wrestler from Hendersonville, N. C., and his 98-pound wife, Danielle, of Montreal, began their honeymoon here Monday.

They were married last weekend in Las Vegas.

Billy and his twin brother, who the Guinness book of records says are the heaviest twins in the world, will be a tag-team wrestling match here Friday with a second set of twins, the Kelly Brothers.

The McGuire twins each sat on two chairs spread apart when they ate lunch at a restaurant Monday.  Each ate about six pounds of pasta, a salad and a large slice of cheesecake.

The twins said when they stay in hotels and motels during their wrestling tours in North America, they often are required to pay a deposit in case they break their beds.

Billy, 28, is the heavier of the twins – 10 more pounds than his brother.

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