Wrestler Demetral Challenges Hangman To Break His Neck

Syracuse NY Herald –  November 4, 1913

DETROIT, Mich. — William Demetral, the Greek wrestling champion of the world, has issued the most unique defi to the world ever made by an athlete.

He has dared any recognized sheriff in the country to hang him with the regulation executioner’s noose, stating that his neck is so strong that it cannot be injured in the least by this crude method of collecting a death penalty.

To look at the massive neck of the Greek demon, one needs little persuasion to believe that in case anyone called his defi, Demetral would come out the winner. Recognized to possess the strongest shoulders and arms in the world, with the possible exception of Sandow, William Demetral, in his training, did not forget the developing and strengthening of his neck.

One big reason for this is the fact that in his own country the stranglehold was not barred when Demetral took up the mat game, and many of his early victories in the land of the Hellenes were gained through his imperviousness to the stranglehold and the hammerlock.


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