Strangler Lewis, Who Will Meet Leoho Here Tomorrow, Defeated Swedish Champion In Rochester

Schenectady Gazette – January 8, 1913

Kentucky Grappler, in A-No. 1 Condition and Fresh from Victory Over Hjalmar Lundin, Tuesday Night, Will Arrive Tomorrow Morning in Readiness for Finish Match in Red Men’s Hall With Finn Heavyweight – Jack Winrow to Officiate as Referee.

Word was received last night from Ed “Strangler” Lewis, stating that he would come to this city early tomorrow morning for his scheduled finish match tomorrow night in Red Men’s Hall with Carl Leoho, the Finn heavyweight.  Tonight he will wrestle in Oswego, facing Peter Michialoff and will leave for this city immediately after the match.

Definite word has not been received from Leoho, who is now in New York City.  He will probably arrive in the day, if not this afternoon.

Tomorrow’s match will start at 8:30 o’clock and fans should be in their seats at that time as there will be no preliminary.  Jack Winrow, the local heavyweight, has been engaged to officiate as referee and fans may feel assured of one of the best exhibitions yet offered this season.

Tuesday night Lewis appeared in Rochester, defeating Hjalmar Lundin, the big Swede.  Here is what the Rochester Herald prints on the match:

“About 850 spectators witnessed as good an exhibition of wrestling at Convention Hall last night, between Lundin, a Swedish heavyweight, and Ed Lewis of Lexington, Ky., as has been staged in this city this season.  The struggle between the two giants was comparatively short, but portrayed all the fine points of the grappling game during its run.

“It was plain to all that Lundin knew the game when he took to the mat.  Although he had the appearance of being somewhat fleshy, he gave Lewis the hardest struggle that he has had for some time.  After about 20 minutes of wrestling, following a general mixup, the Swede got Lewis in a bad toe hold, having the latter’s right foot securely caught between his body and upper leg.  Lewis hands being free, however, he managed after a hard struggle to crawl out of danger, but not until his foot suffered, which was apparent to all during the rest of the match.  Lewis tried many holds and time and again seemed to have the Swede defeated, but the latter struggled out of almost what looked like impossible holes.  However, after a great deal of hard work by Lewis, the Swede’s shoulders were clamped to the mat for the first fall, in the short time of 27 minutes, with a scissors and arm hold.

When the men appeared for the second round of the bout, Lewis wore shoes.  He limped somewhat and was plainly suffering great pain from his injured foot.  Lundin started in like a whirlwind and soon had Lewis in several bad predicaments and once almost had the Kentucky man nearly defeated.  At this point in the game, Lewis came down with great force on his right knee and nearly put that out of commission.  It was seen that when the time came for him to use this knee it would quiver with pain as he put pressure on the knee cap.  After about ten minutes’ wrestling Lundin got Lewis’ head between his knees and it looked all over, but by dint of great leg work and whirlygig work Lewis got out of this bad hole, and soon after secured the second fall in 15 minutes, with a double arm hold.

Old Fulton NY Post Cards   By Tom Tryniski

“Strangler” Lewis

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