‘Heavy’ Twins To Wrestle In Local Contest

Florence Times – Twin-Cities Daily – November 9, 1972

Len Rossi returns to wrestle ex-football player George Hultz as the main event for tonight’s wrestling at the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum.

Last week, the pair wrestled in a furious five-minute match only to end in a draw.  This week’s bout, however, will have a one hour time limit in a best two-of-three battles.

For the first time, the world’s largest twin wrestlers will make an appearance at the coliseum.  Billy and Benny McGuire, weighing a total of 1,300 pounds, will be in a tag match with The Masked Blitzer and Jimmy Kent.

The McGuire twins have wrestled all over the country and in other parts of the world and are the most famous identical twins in America.

Cowboy Frankie Lane also returns to meet wrestling manager Sam Bass.

Tickets go on sale at the coliseum at 7 p.m. with matches to begin at 8.

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