Wild Red Berry Invades YMCA Arena Saturday

The Dispatch – November 22, 1954

Japs Beaten In Feature

Wild Red Berry, one of wrestling’s most colorful stars and a man who has a vocabulary that would put many college professors to shame, will be at the Lexington YMCA Saturday night.

Berry, three times world’s light heavyweight champion and a former mayor of his hometown of Pittsburg, Kansas, meets the popular Ace Freeman in the feature of a four-match card here this week.

It will be Berry’s first visit to Lexington and a big crowd of fans is expected to be out to see the matches.  Berry is one of television’s top wrestling stars, probably making more appearances on TV than any other wrestler.  He weighs 208 and Freeman weighs 212.

Berry is considered as the intellectual genius of wrestling.  He speaks words that one must look up in the dictionary to understand and besides his great brain he possesses a skill that ranks him among the world’s top grapplers.

Freeman, who teamed with Gino Garibaldi here last Saturday to whip Japs Mr. Moto and Kinji Shibuya in a feature tag team match, has been wanting a crack at a top light heavyweight and he will get that chance this week.

Three other top matches are also arranged.  A couple of Texans – Jack O’Brien, of Keller, who weighs 240 and speedy Tex Riley, of Muleshoe, a 218 pounder, will meet in the semi-finals.  Brutal Brother Frank Jares and Jim Coffield meet in one preliminary and Jack O’Riley, a newcomer from Seattle and Prince Omar tangle in the other bell ringer.  The card stacks up as one of the best rounded ones ever offered here.

Last Saturday a substitution was necessary in the feature and opening matches due to an injury of Chick Garibaldi.  Chick suffered a back injury in a match Thursday and did not respond to treatment in time to join his big brother Gino Garibaldi in a feature tag match against Mr. Moto and Kinji Shibuya.  Ace Freeman filled in for Chick while Chick sat at ringside to cheer his team on.

The Freeman – Garibaldi combination won the feature when Freeman body pressed Shibuya for a decisive fall after seven minutes.  The score was deadlocked at one fall each at that time.

Shibuya was body slamming Freeman for a knockout punch when Freeman suddenly fell on Shibuya for the decisive fall.  The Japs argued that Garibaldi assisted Freeman from the outside the ring but the Freeman-Garibaldi team was declared the winner.

Mr. Moto got the first fall after 18 minutes on a body slam and body press on Freeman and Gino came back to even it up in eight minutes on a reverse Full Nelson on Moto.

Lou Plummer won the semi-finals after 16 minutes of bruising action when he pinned Carlos Rodriguez with a “Texas Rolling Bulldog.”

Jim Coffield, subbing for Freeman in the preliminary, pinned Prince Omar with a reverse step-over-toe hold in 14 minutes.

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