The Great Togo, Larry Moquin Meet On Tuesday

Ottawa Citizen – March 13, 1953

It will be speed against the power of the judo-chopping Jap, the Great Togo, in next Tuesday night’s main wrestling feature at the Auditorium.

The speed will be well supplied by Larry Moquin, a popular chap in these parts.  Moquin stepped in and took the assignment voluntarily, while a number thought of excuses to duck the opposition.

The Great Togo will be remembered in these parts, and he is a smart customer.  Besides his judo-chopping ability, he can move and has a good variety of grips.

Togo precedes every match with a Japanese ritual helped by his valet, Cato.  He sprinkles salt in every corner of the ring, but also has been known to conceal salt in his hands and eventually rub it in his opponent’s eyes.

Moquin hopes to use the match as a stepping stone to a contest with Verne Gagne, the new champion.  “Gagne is a great wrestler, and I certainly would like to meet him,” said Moquin.

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