Mat Men Who Know Best, Go Pressed

Chicago Tribune – April 7, 1956
By Cooper Rollow

With men who know wrestling best, it’s the body press, 4 to 3.

There are many ways of winning on the professional mat, most of them suspect in one way or another. But the true and tried body press – mayhem in a lethal, but legal, dose – won the popularity test last night in the International Amphitheater.

The body press was the successful finishing hold used in four of the seven falls recorded in the Fred Kohler promotion, which lured 9,522 and a gross gate of $25,908.28.

It was the above mentioned body press which enabled Wilbur Snyder to subdue Reggie Lisowski in the third and deciding fall of the main bout. The hold, applied fiercely and with plenty of malice aforethought, gave Snyder and his colleague, Verne Gagne, victory in their first appearance as a tag team. The defeat also was the first suffered as a tag duo by Lisowski and his brother, Stan.

The Lisowskis had won the first fall in 18:55 with a series of body slams, and Gagne and Snyder evened the count with victory in 12:00 of the second fall. Snyder and Gagne’s triumph in the deciding fall came in 11:50.

In the semi-windup, it was a matter of figuring who was cast as hero and who as villain. The ever unpopular Hans Schmidt met the also ever unpopular Angelo Poffo in this one-fall supporting feature. Schmidt met the also ever judged to be possessed of a more heroic demeanor than his hairy Italian foe, and finally emerged triumphant in 7:39.

O, yes, Schmidt won with a body press, too. Other results:

Dick the Bruiser beat Bill Melby; Tiny Roe beat Ivan the Terrible; Sheik of Araby beat Luis Martinez.

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