Clancy, Great Togo Top Tonight’s Mat Program

St. Petersburg Times – May 28, 1952

With the white flag of virtue waving gaily in his corner, Mike Clancy will use the American way of wrestling against the inroads of the Great Togo in tonight’s feature event of the Gable Armory wrestling card.

Conqueror of the rough Red Vagonne last week, the Great Togo earned the violent dislike of local mat fans by his “unfriendly” tactics on the former Canadian lumberjack.  Besides mixing in some Sumo trickery, Togo also reached down to the barroom-brawl level for several of his holds.  The customer responded accordingly and Togo had to be given an escort by “St. Petersburg’s Finest” from the ring to his dressing room.

Clancy, who gained numerous loyal admirers when he vanquished the hated Texas Jack O’Brien, will be up against his toughest foe in some time.  The two will struggle through a best two-out-of-three falls, one-hour time limit match.  Togo will go through his usual ritual before the match including the tossing of salt in fans’ faces to purify them.  Customers will furnish their own popcorn and butter.

In the semifinal Joe Ludlum the Brooklyn equivalent of Togo will attempt to “soap and tape” popular Paddy Mack in a best two-out-of-three falls, 45-minute time limit match.  Mack returned to the local mat wars last week and was greeted affectionately by local mat fans who recall his excellent efforts against such mat villains as Red Terror, Purple Heart, Cliff Olson and others.

Opening the card will be a one-fall, 30-minute time limit tussle sending big Ike Eakins against Herbie Stein.  Eakins, a former professional football player with the Los Angeles Rams, will be matched with a capable wrestler in Stein.

Referee for the matches will be Herbie Freeman.  First bout is slated to begin at 8:30.

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