Wrestler Is Fined At Fair

Gazette and Bulletin – July 27, 1954 

The main bout of last night’s wrestling exhibition at the Lycoming County fairgrounds came to a sudden halt when Bob Orton was disqualified by ring officials and the bout awarded to his opponent Verne Gagne. 

Orton, who had to leave the ring with police protection, was fined $100 by George Jones, Pennsylvania Athletic Commissioner. Orton also was indefinitely suspended from mat action in the state.

Orton’s suspension comes about on charges of action detrimental to wrestling, unnecessary roughness and possibly inciting a riot.

Anthony Kilgallen, of Wilkes-Barre, chief deputy commissioner, said Orton used his feet, kicked his opponent and also tried to choke Gagne.

Kilgallen said a hearing on the charges would be held in Philadelphia. Jones is expected to set the date today.

Orton’s pugilistic abilities continued outside the ring, when an excited woman spectator kicked the wrestler. Orton returned a swing, but missed, it was reported.

In other less spectacular bouts last night Williamsport’s Jim Eschbach earned a victory over Ernie Natale of New York City and Johnny Heideman and Soldier Barry were victorious in the Australian tag match.

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