Thesz, Snyder Meet Tonight On Mat Card

Chicago Tribune – July 6, 1956
By Frank Mastro

The sixth wrestling show of the year will be held in International Amphitheater tonight, headed by Lou Thesz and Wilbur Snyder, and attended by an expected 8,000. The bout is booked for two of three falls with a one-hour time limit.

Thesz, once holder of the National Wrestling Alliance’s title, was held to a draw by Snyder in a previous Chicago appearance. In a rematch, Snyder, considered one of the cleanest wrestlers in the business, was disqualified for alleged foul tactics.

Snyder, 26, has been wrestling professionally for more than three years and is predicted by promoter Fred Kohler as a fellow who will be ranked with such former wrestling greats as Ed (Strangler) Lewis and Jim Londos.

An Australian tag team match on the card will involve Reggie and Stan Lisowski against Hans Schmidt and Dick the Bruiser.

Nick Bockwinkel, talented 21-year-old Los Angeles heavyweight, is paired with the Sheik of Araby. Nick is a protégé of his father, Warren, who was a mat star in his own right when he was wrestling Londos, Lewis and Wayne (Big) Munn a generation ago. Nick played football at the University of Oklahoma until he suffered injuries to both knees. The complete card:

Wilbur Snyder vs. Lou Thesz, two of three falls, one hour time limit.

Reggie and Stan Lisowski vs. Hans Schmidt and Dick the Bruiser, two of three falls, one hour.

Bill Melby vs. Benito Gardini, one fall, 30 minutes.

Nick Bockwinkel vs. Sheik of Araby, one fall, 30 minutes.

Angelo Poffo vs. Don Pollock, one fall, 30 minutes.

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