Great Togo, Giant Japanese, To Wrestle Here Thursday

The News and Courier – February 15, 1953

The Great Togo and His Servant

The Great Togo and His Servant

The Great Togo, giant Japanese wrestler, will make his Charleston debut Thursday night at County Hall meeting Charlie Laye in an exhibition that should take some of the spotlight from the tag team main event.

Featured in the tag team exhibition will be the celebrated Smith brothers, Al and John.  The bearded brothers, after two appearances here will be gunning for their third victory when they meet Jungle Boy and Ace Freeman.

The Smiths, Jungle Boy and Laye have all appeared before at County Hall before large crowds, but The Great Togo will be the main attraction this time.

The giant Jap is a fellow who will stop at nothing.  His specialty is chopping a foe with judo tactics and then pouring on the punishment.

Cyclone Copley, who refereed the first Charleston show for Promoter Charles Forbes and Matchmaker Henry Marcus, will be the third man again in the ring on this program.  Copley is expected to have his hands full in trying to make Togo behave.

Togo will be ushered into the ring by his servant, Hata.  These two Orientals put on quite a ceremony prior to Togo’s going into action.  The Jap is a colorful performer and is a consistent big draw at the box-office.  A recent appearance in Buffalo, N. Y., by Togo drew 12,000 people – a record for that city.

The smiths are all set to go into action again and they have a couple of first-rate fellows to combat in the fuzzy-haired Jungle Boy and newcomer Ace Freeman.  Freeman is a clean-cut fellow and Charleston fans should like him.

Vic Holbrook and Tony Casenza, a couple of smooth-wrestling mat-men, will open the program at 8:30.

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