Von Eric Gains Victory After Dingo Disqualified

Fort Hood Sentinel – September 11, 1986
By Dale A. Cheatham

Leduc inflicts excruciating pain on Adias

Leduc inflicts excruciating pain on Adias

Body slams and flying drop kicks were the order of the day when the Central Texas Chapter of AUSA sponsored world class professional wrestling Sept. 2 at Prichard Stadium.

IN THE FIRST match of the evening, the tag team duo of 240 pound Killer Brooks and 250 pound Perry Johnson went up against the U.S. Express – Brad and Bart Batten.

The match was slowly paced and the crowd didn’t get into it until the end; there was more excitement following the match.  After Bart pinned the much larger Johnson, Brooks and Johnson got in an argument.  The verbal barrage turned into a physical ruckus between the two.

Brooks started by pushing Johnson backward a couple of times, who could take no more, reciprocated and charged after Brooks, chasing him from the ring.  Brooks left, saying he would never team up with Johnson in the future.

The next match saw Canadian Lumberjack Joe Leduc take to the canvas against 230 pound Brian Adias.

LEDUC, with his heavily scarred forehead, lumbered around the ring growling at Adias.  The wrestlers pounded on each other with neither gaining the advantage until Adias missed a flying body block.  Leduc thrust an elbow into the ailing Adias before sprawling on top of him for the victory.

Next, Matt Borne, one half of the World Class Championship tag team champions, squared off against Steve Simpson.  The contest opened with Simpson bringing Borne to the mat with a series of arm drags, which prompted Borne to leap from the ring for refuge.

Borne injured Simpson’s left leg early in the match, and he worked it over at every opportunity.  It looked as if Simpson was ready to concede when Borne put him in the figure-four leg lock, but he was able to roll over to the ropes, forcing Borne to break the hold.

SHORTLY THEREAFTER, Simpson threw Borne into the ropes and was able to pin his shoulders while cradling over him.

The popular Lance Von Eric was then escorted into the ring for his match against Dingo Warrior.  Von Eric, barefoot, was cheered on by the partisan crowd.

Early on, Von Eric kicked Dingo, his archrival, through the ropes, Dingo was incensed.  Upon jumping back in, Dingo roughed Von Eric up a bit.  After clotheslining Dingo, Von Eric went for the pin.  Dingo threw Von Eric out of the ring this time.

After mixing it up some more, Dingo tossed Von Eric over the top rope and was thus disqualified; the crowd couldn’t have asked for a more anticlimactic ending.

THE FEATURE match of the evening didn’t pit Chris Adams and Sunshine against Rick Rude and Raven as publicized.  Rude and Raven were said to have been held up in Dallas by the inclement weather.  Adams, who became the World Class Wrestling champion the night before by beating Rude in Dallas, explained Rude’s absence by saying he was scared to step into the ring with him.

Matt Borne and Parcy Pringle, a wrestling manager, stepped in to replace Rude and Raven with the stipulation that Pringle would only get into the ring with Sunshine.

Borne didn’t follow the groundrules and often went after Sunshine.  At one point, Borne chased her all the way around the outside of the ring.  Adams was able to catch up with Borne before he could do any harm to Sunshine.

IN THE END, Adams and Sunshine came out on top, with Adams putting Borne’s shoulders to the canvass for three seconds.

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