Infernos Take Main Event; McGuires Win

Florence Times – Tri-Cities Daily – March 1, 1974

After a wild free-for-all, the Infernos with their manager J. C. Dykes won the main event Thursday night at pro wrestling at the Florence National Guard Armory.

The Infernos won the opening fall over Sam Bass and Eddie Marlin by the use of an illegal ‘double suplex’.  Marlin and Bass took the second fall, however, as Bass used his boot.

The third and deciding fall went to the Infernos after a free-for-all in which George Gulas, at ringside in Marlin and Bass’ corner, had to come in to help out.

The McGuire twins, Billy and Benny, defeated J. C. Dykes and Jim White in their opening match.

The McGuire’s won the first fall by disqualification as Dykes’ team, the Infernos, interfered.  The McGuires made it two in a row as Benny used his famous ‘splash’ on White.

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