The M. Londes Names Stars Of The Mat

Detroit Free Press – January 1, 1934
By Charles B. Ward

When Monsieur Jacques Curley, New York wrestling promoter, announced his ratings of the heavyweight wrestlers of the world Saturday night he just about ruined the New Year for Monsieur Nick Londes, Detroit wrestling promoter.

The Monsieur Londes was inspecting the new Cocktail Room of the Book-Cadillac Hotel when the Curley selections burst upon him, and they sent him running to his office to jot down the Londes personal ratings and to tell just what he thought of Curley and his ratings.

Curley rated the wrestlers in this order: 1. Jim Browning; 2. Ed Don George; 3. Ray Steele; 4. Jagat Singh, of India; 5. Joe Savoldi; 6. Jim Londos; 7. Ed (Strangler) Lewis; 8. Joe Malcewicz; 9. Youssouf Mahmout, of Turkey; 10. Hans Steinke, of Germany.

“In the first place,” sputtered the M. Londes with native modesty, “who the so-and-so is this Curley to be running around rating wrestlers? Does the manager of the Tigers pick the Yankees to win the new pennant at the start of every baseball season? Does Fielding Yost pick Ohio State to defeat Michigan at the start of a football season? No, they don’t. They know their ethics. That is why I think it unseemly for a wrestling promoter to go running around rating wrestlers. But since Curley insists on doing it, I”ll tell you what I think about Curley’s selections.

“In the first place, Curley must be a crackpot to pick Jim Browning as No. 1. That almost makes me laugh. I would be laughing now if I were not so sore. Jim Londos is the No. 1 man and he proved it by pinning Browning so many times that I can’t remember the number.

“Why, I would not rate Browning among the first four. Joe Stecher is next to Londos, Ray Steele next to Stecher and Jim McMillen next to Steele. After that I would rate them thusly: Browning, George Zaharias, Gino Garibaldi, Strangler Lewis, Gus Sonnenberg and Pat O’Shocker.”

The M. Londes was reminded that Curley picked Joe Savoldi above Champion Jim Londos. He became incoherent with indignation as he tried to express his opinion of that.

“Savoldi, Savoldi,” he storms, “why I can pin Savoldi. Bring him here, I’ll put him down. That’s how good a wrestler Savoldi is.

“And this Jagat Singh. Who is he? Where did Curley dig that guy up?”

Informed that Jagat Singh was a wrestler from India, the M. Londes suggested that perhaps Curley was perpetrating a hoax.

“If he stuck that little guy who wears the diaper in with a group of wrestlers he must be kidding. Why Zaharias could eat him in four bites and still be hungry.”

Reminded that Curley had selected Jagat Singh and not Mahatma Gandhi as he seemed to suspect, the M. Londes nodded.

“Oh, I know. He’s that big guy. Well, he doesn’t belong in the first ten.”

The M. Londes insisted that in any rating of wrestlers Jim Londos must be placed at the top. No one has beaten Londos in five years, he pointed out. All of the other matmen had a chance to try and the best any of them could get was a draw. Joe Stecher, number two matman in Londes’ rating, accomplished that feat in Chicago.

“Some people were fooled for a time by that Savoldi ‘triumph’ in Chicago,” he concluded, “but not many remained fooled. Anybody who has seen Savoldi wrestle knows that while Joe may have been a great football player he still has a lot to learn about wrestling.”

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