Police Called to Wrestling

The Age – December 21, 1964

Extra police were set to Festival Hall on Saturday night to control a crowd of about 2000 trying to force their way in to see the wrestling.

The building was already filled to capacity with 8000 spectators, and the doors were closed before 8 p.m.

With the overflow crowd becoming restive, Festival Hall authorities called extra police.

The street was cleared and order restored, but that did not end the need for police.

Inside the hall a crowd of wildly demonstrating fans surged towards the ring when a recent arrival in the wrestling team, The Mongolian Stomper, leapt the ring ropes, roared a challenge at highly popular world champion Domenico De Nucci, and attacked him.

There was pandemonium for 10 minutes before police and attendants restored order.

Saturday’s main match went to former world champion “Killer” Kowalski, who beat 6 ft. 9 “Tex” McKenzie after 55 minutes.


MAIN BOUT – No time limit survival match: “Killer” Kowalski (Canada, 20.2) d. “Tex” McKenzie (U.S.A., 20.10); submission after 55 minutes.

MINOR BOUTS – Domenico De Nucci (Italy, 17.0) d. Hans Schroeder (Germany, 16.7), one fall, 20 minutes.  Buddy Austin (U.S.A., 17.4) drew with Danny O’Dea (Australia, 15.0), no falls.  Dale Lewis (U.S.A., 17.4) d. Con Tolios (Greece, 15.7), one fall.

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