‘Nature Girl’ Questioned In Bomb Murder

Associated Press – February 4, 1955

HOUSTON, Tex. — Police studied the statement today of a dark-haired woman wrestler who has given a motive and another bizarre touch to the bomb-trap death of Helen Harris Weaver.

Mrs. Weaver, 51, socially prominent ranchwoman, was blasted to death Jan. 19 in San Angelo, Tex., by a bomb planted in her husband’s automobile.

The pretty woman wrestler, who performs under the name of “Nature Girl” and works some as a barmaid in Dallas, said Harry L. Washburn offered her $10,000 to murder Mrs. Weaver’s husband. His murder, she said, was to be a part of a $100,000 extortion plot against the woman.

But “Nature Girl,” otherwise Mrs. Adela Heninger, said in her signed statement last night that she told Washburn, now charged with murder in the case, that she wanted no part of the deal.

Mrs. Heninger is the estranged wife of Carl Heninger, Houston carpenter, who was charged with murder last week in the Weaver slaying. He was released this week and the charge dropped.

The olive-complexioned woman wrestler, whom police said had “ridden all night to get here” from Dallas, quoted Washburn as saying:

“Weaver is a hard touch. Mrs. Weaver is an easy touch. If I can get rid of Weaver, his wife would pay off to keep her family from harm.” She added that Washburn intended to get an initial payment of $20,000 and eventually a total of $100,000.

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