N.W. Sports By Jack Hewins

Associated Press – October 7, 1953

This, friends, could be slaughter. Or sheer slapstick.

The rasslers have organized a football team and will bang heads with the Seattle Ramblers at Tacoma Oct. 11 in the “Muscle Bowl.” And heaven help the Ramblers if they don’t know the holts.

All cash that accrues from this outpouring of sweat and strain will go to the Boys’ Clubs of Tacoma – minus the price of a steak dinner for those who still have their teeth at the close of hostilities.

Guiding genius for the biceptic extravaganza is Frank Stojack, Tacoma city councilman who doubles as world lightheavyweight grapple champion. Fortyish Frank is not dismayed at the thought of meeting the Ramblers, a collection of former college stars who play regularly with gusto and ability.

After all, the flying wedge may have been outlawed but the rules don’t say anything about the flying mare.

The Cauliflower Club is stocked with talent as well as muscles. Coach-Player-Councilman Stojack was a star guard at Washington State and later in pro football back in – well, why embarrass him?

Right up in the front rank in the position of groaning guard will be the Northwest’s favorite villain, the Masked Marvel. This horrifying individual (he wouldn’t take off his mask to play postoffice with Cleopatra) says his specialty is the hammerlock tackle.

Pepper Gomez, once a star at Los Angeles City College, will operate from the quarterback position in Stojack’s version of the single wing. “We could beat those guys with one tied behind us.” Ivan Kameroff, who played high school football in the Bronx, will be in the line. So will Luther Lindsey, a giant from Hampton (Va.) Institute and pro football.

And so will Don Kindred, whose specialty in the ring is the head butt. He grasps an opponent firmly by the ears and cracks heads with him. His cranial talent should have qualified him for quarterback, but he’ll play at a guard spot.

Even Bronko Nagurski will get into the act. The famous old fullback will be wrestling in these parts and will not only suit up, but will even play a little or a lot – if he can’t resist temptation.

About the only thing worrying the Ramblers is that someone may forget to bring the ball.

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