Look Out, Zeb, Whipper’s on the Warpath

Toronto Globe & Mail – November 16, 1951

There’s nothing like the unmasking of a varmint to make the wrestling public perk up like with a shot in the arm and, if you would believe Whipper Watson, who takes care of all kinds of varmints, from English lords to disguised football players, that’s what’s in store next Thursday at the Gardens as wrestling revives itself after a two-week layoff.The Whipper, who has been watching from the wing the antics of a fellow who goes under the name of The Zebra, has been saying that it’s high time someone plucked the mask from the face of the fast fat man. The 305-pound Whatsits who has been terrorizing hero and villain alike in these parts for too many months may just possibly have overreached himself in p;ounding Mons. Francois tunney’s desk, demanding a match with the British Empire champ.

Too, he wants a shot at Lou Thesz, the NWA world champ, and one of the quickest ways to do it is to beat the Whip.

Also on the card are a couple of Sumo Japs (remember them?) taking on two local characters, Steve Stanlee and Mayes McLain, in a tag team match. That should be something! And, for those who missed it last time, there’s Maedayama, the Sumo grand champ, and Yakatayama in a real Sumo match. Also prelims. Gee Whiz!

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