Lane Beats Hernandez In Wrestling Feature

St. Petersburg Times – January 17, 1952

Rugged Bobby Lane won the feature event of last night’s National Guard wrestling show at the N. Worth Gable Armory by taking two of three falls from Juan Hernandez.

Lane won the first fall in 13 minutes with a Boston crab hold.  He clinched the victory in the third fall with a body press in seven minutes.  Hernandez won the second fall with a body press in four minutes.

In the five-girl wrestle royal, Ann LaVerne carried off top honors.  LaVerne survived the battle royal and then beat Helen Hild in a one-fall bout.

Violet Viann was the first eliminated in the wrestle royal.  Terry Majors was out second, Arlene Ratliff third and Helen Hild fourth.  Ratliff beat Majors in a one-fall bout for consolation honors.

In the preliminary bout, the Red Menace and clever Billy Darnell battled to a 30-minute draw.

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