Is French Champion

Lewiston Evening Journal – November 24, 1908

Raoul de Rouen One of Largest Wrestlers Ever Booked for Lewiston – The Prelims

Raoul de Rouen, the French wrestler, who is booked to wrestle in Lewiston, Dec. 3 under the austpices of the Canadian club bears the title of heavy weight champion of France and his appearance in America is an occasion of some interest as it will enable the wrestling enthusiasts to see how he will stand up against some of the American grapplers.

DeRouen, if not the biggest, is one of the biggest fellows who ever appeared in Maine.  Standing two inches over six feet in height, he weighs close to 230 pounds, and is endowed with muscles that make him a formidable opponent for the best of men.  While De Rouen has been once beaten by Cazeau, he has also beaten that husky wrestler.

Professor Brown of Brown’s gymnasium has undertaken to secure a man who will be a worthy opponent to the Frenchman for his Lewiston engagement.  Hjalmar Loundin was the man whom it was hoped to secure, but Loundin’s prices were somewhat prohibitive.

The bout between Kid Carrier and Joe St. Claire which was arranged has been called off for the present, as Carrier has declined to live up to some of the specifications.

The Canadian Club is arranging for a boxing exhibition some time in December which will excel in interest anything yet given.

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