Greek Beats Marvel; Victim Identified

Arizona Republic – May 12, 1931

The reign of the Masked Marvel is over! At least for the present.

Identified as Jimmie Corrigan, former University of Minnesota athlete, who wrestled here several years ago in old Arcadia hall as “Cyclone Thompson,” the erstwhile man of mystery dropped the first fall to George Kotsonaros in one hour and three minutes of their match last night at Madison Square Garden, and was injured so badly he was forced to forfeit the second fall and match to the Greek heavyweight.

The first fall came as the result of a series of backward body slams that left the victim of the Greek’s wrestling wrath stretched senseless on the ring floor where he stayed until carried out on the shoulders of his handlers. Kotsonaros was also almost in a state of collapse as a result of the terrific pace set all the way, but after several minutes rest on the mat, he was able to walk to his dressing room.

At the expiration of the usual rest period, Kotsonaros returned to the ring and granted a request from Corrigan for an extra five minutes. The period over, Corrigan was assisted to the ring but collapsed on the floor as he attempted to mount the steps and was carried back to the dressing room in an unconscious condition. Physicians and handlers attended him in the dressing room but an hour after the match he was still groggy from the effects of his impact with the floor during the last sensational minute of the match.

Kotsonaros, too, was affected by the pace and while dissatisfied that he was deprived of taking two pin falls from his opponent, expressed the opinion it was the toughest match he was wrestled in many years.

Although defeated, Corrigan is still held in high esteem by mat critics and fans in Phoenix and undoubtedly will continue to be a big attraction in Phoenix for his splendid exhibitions both with and without a mask.

The black hood that has shrouded his features since his arrival in Phoenix about six weeks ago was removed by matchmaker C.L. McPherson as he climbed through the ropes last night to meet the Greek Hercules in a return match.

It was probably the most grueling match ever staged in Phoenix, with both men in the pink of condition and carrying on with lightning-like speed.

No less than a score of times during the early part of the match, first one and then another of the grapplers seemed well on the road to victory, only to have his opponent rally and turn the tide.

At 45 minutes, Kotsonaros obtained a leg key hold which he applied with punishing affect for a period of minutes. When the Marvel succeeded in breaking the lock, his leg was so weakened that he could not stand on it. He assumed a sitting posture on the canvas and warded off the threat until strength returned to the member.

Before and after this, the Marvel had had George in numerous dangerous holds, but Kotsy always succeeded in wriggling loose.

It was an evening of much wrestling, the program continuing longer than any match in recent years.

In the semi-final, Frenchy Leavitte and Jimmy Reynolds went one hour to a draw with each man getting a fall while in the opening event, Guy Steel, Willcox, won a one-fall match from Spike O’Brien of Phoenix.

Both Leavitte and O’Brien were substitute grapplers, the first taking the place of Hassan Azani, Turkish light-heavyweight from California, who appeared at the ringside on crutches, having been injured in an automobile accident en route to Phoenix Sunday.

O’Brien went on in place of Eddie Brought, also injured in an automobile accident.

The boys got pretty rough at times and created almost as much enthusiasm as the main eventers. A body slam and a full body hold gave Steel the victory in 26 minutes.

The Reynolds-Leavitte affair was of main event caliber on almost any wrestling card. Reynolds, outweighed 15 pounds, fought along on even terms with Leavitte until the final few minutes of the match, when the Frenchman’s weight advantage began to have a telling effect.

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