281 Pound Carnera Takes On 2 Men Here Tonight

Wenatchee, Wash., Daily World – December 13, 1952

Primo Carnera, once heavyweight boxing king of the world, will be in Wenatchee tonight, but this time using his brute strength to wrestle instead of punch.

Carnera is billed as the main attraction on Promoter Tex Porter’s Armory mat card.

The six-foot-seven-inch, 281-pound giant will be taking on two other wrestlers in a tag team bout that is scheduled to last 20 minutes, or until one of the three is pinned. In the ring with Carnera will be the wrestling referee, Abe Yourist, and Rudy Kowalski, who will attempt to pin him.

Two other bouts are on the program. Hardy Kruskamp, former All-American football player from Ohio State, will appear, as will Steve Gob, a veteran of ring wars.

Dick Hayes, former Northwest intercollegiate heavyweight wrestling king who is now taking a post-graduate course at the University of Washington, will grapple in the lid opener at 8:30.

Bouts are scheduled to get under way in the Armory at 8:30 tonight.

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