Top Wrestlers Go On Beach Program

Miami Daily News – February 16, 1951

Success of big time wrestling in Miami Beach will be put to the well known crucial test when the great names in the sport world will be on display tonight at the Auditorium. The amazing Rocca, South American marvel with a thousand tricks at his command, will be in one of the feature attractions, opposed to Count Frederick Von Schacht.

Rocca has established himself as the most powerful drawing magnet in the country and he has broken records in every city that he has appeared. This will be his first appearance in a Miami ring.

Carnera, once the world heavyweight boxing champion, makes his return opposed to Danny Dusek. In his three previous appearances here Primo has emerged victorious. He defeated Strangler Ed Lewis in his last showing here. Danny is one of the dirty, uncouth Duseks who, always manage to make it uncomfortable for the opposition.

Feminine charm will be displayed in the person of Gloria Barattini who will meet Ann La Verne. Gloria photographs like a movie queen and her versatility has made her the talk of the sporting world.

Kola Kwariani and Dan while the opening will show O’Connor clash in one match “Killer” Rube Wright against Honeyboy Fargo.

Tom Geldhauscr, from Newark. N. J., has been imported specially to referee.

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