Ferocious Finn Downed

The New York Times – December 22, 1917

Rogers Ignores Verbal Attack and Pins Hevonpaa to Mat.

The winning career of Sula Hevonpaa, Finland’s rotund wrestler, in the international wrestling tournament at the Lexington Theatre, was canceled before it really had a chance to mature.  Up to last night the ferocious Finn had registered on victory in the tournament that has now been progressing for three weeks. Unfortunately for Hevonpaa, Joe Rogers, a local grappler, loomed up in Sula’s path last night in one of the finish matches, and the result was the breaking of Hevonpaa’s winning streak. Rogers disregarding the noisy objections of his Finnish opponent, finished the Finn in 14:10 with a side roll and double arm lock.  Booth the mat was pretty well occupied while the bout lasted.

Ed “Strangler” Lewis of Lexington, Ky., was another winner during the evening, throwing Demetrius Tofalos, a Greek, in 8 minutes 23 seconds, with a half-Nelson and crotch hold.  A handicap feature of the match came in Lewis’s consent to bar his head lock hold, but at the same time to allow Tofalos to employ it.  The Greek never had a chance to bring the lock into play, for Lewis was after him during every minute of the bout up to the finish.

Wladek Zbyszko, the Polish grappler, scored the quickest victory of the tournament when he threw Fred Pilakoff, the Finn, in fifteen seconds of their finish bout.  Zbyszko’s winning hold was a body scissors and wrist lock.

The tournament will close this evening with a card of three finish matches and a special finish match between Lewis and Wladek Zbyszko, the Polish grappler.  These two wrestlers met several days ago, and Lewis was victorious through the use of his head lock.  This hold has been barred for tonight’s match.

The summaries:

First Boutl – Ivan Linow, Russian, threw George Manich, Serbian, in 21:28, with a head scissors and wrist lock.  Second Bout. – Joe Rogers, New York, threw Sula Hevonpaa, Finland, in 14:10, with a side roll and double arm lock.  Third Bout. – Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Lexington, Ky., threw Demetrius Tofalos, Greek, in 8:23, with a half-Nelson and crotch hold.  Fourth Bout – Harry Stevens, England, threw Joe Samson, American, in 8:04, with a head scissors and crotch hold.
Fifth Bout. – Cyclone Ress, Savannah, Ga.,threw Kara Allah,Turk, in 23:00, with a body scissors.
Sixth Bout. – Wladek Zbyszko, Poland, threw Fred Pilakoff, Finn, in 0:15 with a body scissors and wrist lock.
Seventh Bout. – Dr. B.F. Roller, Seattle, Wash, threw John Heracle, Wilmington, Del., in 13:12 with a half nelson and crotch hold.

Tonight’s bouts are as follows:
Finish Matches – Hans Fuerst, Swiss, vs. Tommy Draak, Holland; Demetrius Tofalos, Greek, vs. George Manich, Serbian; Sula Hevonpaa, Finn, vs. Pierre Le Belge, Belgium; Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Lexington, Ky., vs. Wladek Zbyszko, Poland.

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