Marvel Meets Greek Heavy In Re-Match

Arizona Republic – May 11, 1931

The mystery of the Masked Marvel which has been one of the greatest sensations the wrestling game in phoenix has ever experienced, ceases to be a mystery tonight at Phoenix Madison Square Garden where the Masked Marvel meets George Kotsonaros in the much discussed return bout.

Just as the two wrestlers are introduced, Harry McCarthy, manager of the Masked Marvel, will step into the ring and remove the black mask from his young wrestler and the bout will get started. McCarthy says that his boy is a far better wrestler without the mask and that the inconvenience occasioned by the heat and the fact that several of his opponents have twisted the mask and blinded the Marvel momentarily, caused him to decide to unmask the mystery.

It had been agreed not to unmask the Marvel until he was defeated but he has beaten every opponent he has met, has established beyond a doubt that he is really a great wrestler, and has a following such as few other grapplers ever had in Phoenix.

Kotsonaros made the statement in the dressing room after the announcement had been made that the Marvel would unmask, that the big youngster was beating the gun only a few minutes as he would have had to unmask at the finish of the bout had he not decided to take off the mask before. Kotsonaros has trained a month for this bout. He has seen the Marvel in action three times. He feels that he must win tonight or be eliminated from future consideration in Phoenix when the Eastern contingent of wrestlers return. The Greek is in wonderful shape and is going into the match with that fighting spirit that has made him a feared contender for the past 10 years.

The Marvel also appeared to be in wonderful shape at yesterday’s workout when another packed arena gathered to see him in his final tryout. He worked nicely with his trainer, Jimmy Reynolds, for 10 minutes and then went at it with Sailor Jack Lewis for another 10 minutes. Lewis put everything he had into the workout and kept the Marvel watching his step every minute but the big fellow, with his usual flash, was always a step ahead of him.

Kotsonaros is banking on either his keylock or his flying mare hold to subdue the Masked Marvel while the Marvel will pin his hopes on his back-to-back slam. Although the Marvel entered the ring yesterday with his thumb tightly bandaged from an infection that resulted from a bite he received in a match against Count Micheloff. The injured member failed to interfere with his work.

Kotsonaros will tip the scales at 198 tonight and the Marvel will weigh around 208. The Marvel has taken off seven pounds of weight in the six weeks since he arrived here while Kotsonaros is exactly the same weight as he was the night the Marvel beat him.

Another packed house is the prospect tonight according to legion officials who report an extraordinarily heavy advance seat sale. Following the announcement that the Masked Marvel would unmask there was a rush for tickets at both downtown ticket offices and matchmaker McPherson believes that another season record will be established. The biggest crowd that the Masked Marvel has drawn and the biggest crowd of the season to date was two weeks ago for his second match with Count Micheloff.

Because of an extra heavy program tonight, the first bout will start promptly at 8:30 o’clock. In the first bout Guy Steel, the clever young grappler from Willcox, will meet Eddie Brought, coast middleweight, who made a hit last week against Jimmy Reynolds.

In the semi-final, Jimmy Reynolds, former middleweight champion, will go up against Hassen Azane, Turkish middleweight, who has been a sensation recently in the Northwest. Azane arrived in Phoenix yesterday after narrowly escaping death in an automobile accident.

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