Indian Don Eagle Stand-Out Athlete

The Miami News – December 23, 1951

Taught Wrestling By Dad; Meets Von Schacht At Beach

Don Eagle, who meets Fred Von Schacht, 235 pound Milwaukean, in one of the two finish wrestling matches on the same program on which Buddy Rogers tangles with Nick Roberts at Miami Beach Auditorium Friday night, was born 25 years ago on the Caughawaga Indian reservation in Canada.

He was given the name of Arconyonta Wadarios by his father, a top wrestler who can still take on the best after having engaged in some 600 contests.  It was he who started Don Eagle on the road to fame almost as soon as he could walk among the teepees.

DON TOOK TO the rough and tumble sport like a bear cub to wild honey.  His lithe body was developed during his early youth in the Canadian woods.

Besides wrestling, Don slipped into the natural activities of his ancestors, hunting, fishing, shooting with a bow and arrow, learning to love and live with nature and the wilderness.

Don’s wrestling weight is 218 pounds, although a few days spent at the Vermont hunting camp shoots this up nearer 225.

THE COLORFUL REGALIA Don wears into the ring is interesting.  The feathers of his war bonnet belong to his great grandfather and are from the golden eagle now protected by law.

The feathers are over 75 years old, must be removed from the new skull cap designed for Don and steamed and cleaned once a year to keep them fresh and as proud looking as the young wearer.

Don can execute many of the authentic Indian dances with skill and grace.

AN INTERESTING novelty on Friday night’s wrestling show will be Australian tag match.  Ray Stern of Brookly is paired with John Henning of St. Petersburg against Jack Vansky of Kearney, N. J., and Bobby Lane of California.

There will be a special match between two girl wrestlers, Ann LaVerne meeting Helen Hild.

Don Eagle 12-23-51

DON EAGLE Indian Coming Here

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