Fourth Set of Mat-Maids Slated For Ball Park Friday

The Sunday Star – September 10, 1950

Ellen Olsen

Ellen Olsen

With the outdoor season fast drawing to a close, Bert Bertolini, matchmaker for Wilmington Park, Inc., will feature the matmaids on the year’s 11th all-star wrestling card Friday night at the Blue Rocks ball park.

Principals in the best-of-three falls windup will be Ellen Olsen, of Minnesota, 135-pound Swedish lassie, and Anne LaVerne, of Canton, O., who patterns her style of grappling after the rough-and-ready type of action that put her Ohio city on the athletic map two decades ago when the Canton Bulldogs ruled the professional football realm.

This will be the season’s fourth showing of the girl grapplers in this city, and, in each instance, Bertolini brought in new faces and figures.

On June 8, it was Helen Hild and Elviry Snodgrass that lured the season’s largest crowd and gate to the Blue Rocks’ playpen – 2,308 payees who shelled out $3,033.

A month later, on July 6, June Byers and Lillian Bitter put on their act before 1,585 cash customers who parted with $2,106.

And, on August 24, 1,660 mat addicts paid $1,755 to see Carol Cook tame Nell Stewart, the wild Texan.

Bertolini has been more than pleased with the patronage accorded his ten previous offerings here this season and he now is trying to obtain a suitable arena for indoor programs during the winter.

“Many people thought that the revival of interest in wrestling only was a flash in the pan,” the mustachioed mat impresario explained yesterday, “but the boys and girls and midgets have been putting on such interesting exhibitions that interest in the mat sport is increasing, rather than decreasing.”

Friday night’s supporting card, still in the making, promises to be on par with the two-star windup.  Bertolini plans to introduce at least two Wilmington “newcomers,” and, if he lands one of the men he is after, he will have the year’s best program to offer his patrons.

Anne LaVerne

Anne LaVerne

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