Zbyszko Wins on Mat

The New York Times – April 12, 1911

Polish Mat Expert Throws Joe Rogers in Two Straight Falls

Zbyszko, the Polish wrestler, succeeded in throwing Joe Rogers last night in a catch-as-catch-can match at the St. Nichols Rink under the auspices of the Twentieth Century Athletic Club.  He obtained two falls in 1:14:37 and 14:50, respectively.  There was a fair crowd in attendance, and most of them were almost frost bitten by the freezing exhibition.  Neither man showed any semblance of knowledge of the game, Rogers refusing absolutely to try for a hold or do anything other than wiggle out of positions which appeared likely to result in falls.

The winner was outweighed by his bulky opponent by at least forty pounds, Rogers scaling at least 280 pounds.  All the latter knew was how to sprawl about the mat.  When the pole had a chance to get a hold he was in the main apparently unable to find in his wrestling book anything which would show him how to bring about his man’s downfall.

The opening bout called out Lex Bersen and Young Monday, who were scheduled to wrestle best two in three, catch-as-catch-can.  Young Monday gained the first fall with a bar hold and hammer lock in 11:33.  Bersen obtained the second fall by the aid of a head lock and a roll in 7:36.  The third bout saw the disqualification of Monday for foul work, the contest going to Bersen.

The next “go” proved to be a burlesque on wrestling, which showed Andy Kandratt, a Lithuanian, and Jim Galvin of Ireland.  Kandratt engaged to throw the Irishman within fifteen minutes, but failed.  Each attempted to toss the other out of the ring.  Kandratt finally succeeding in his try.  To the most casual observer it appeared that Galvin could have thrown Kandratt had he half tried.

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